Free vs Plus vs Ultimate: features comparison table

- JD Free - JD Plus - JD Ultimate
Battery multiplier estimate
Activity log
Widgets & QuickBox
Customize +
Advanced customization + +
Connectivity controls
Mobile data
WiMax (4G) 1
Location-aware WiFi
Network mode switching (2G/3G/4G) 2
Background synchronization 3
Night hours schedule
Peak hours schedule
Weekend schedules
Other controls
Configurable apps
Interactive apps training
Screen timeout/lock control
Screen brightness control
CPU frequency control 2
GPS control 2
Price (USD/EUR) Free 1.99 4.99
Try now Try now Try now

1 On supported devices
2 Requires root + compatible ROM
3 Available synchronization frequencies: JD free 15m, 30m – JD Plus/Ultimate 5m, 15m, 30m, 1h, 2h
+ Customization available only for the active features on your version

Some features might only be available in JuiceDefender beta.

What to choose?

Different users have different needs, and JuiceDefender covers them all ;)

The basic version offers enough power saving options to significantly improve your battery life – for free!

JuiceDefender Plus has recently been introduced to match the needs of more demanding users, who want even better battery life performance. More profiles, more controls, more triggers, more battery saving!

Ultimate is the right choice for you if you want complete control over your handset’s battery consumption. It unlocks all the energy saving features available in JuiceDefender providing the ultimate battery saving experience – can’t get any better than this, especially when you consider that your battery life will likely improve even more than using a $60 clumsy extra battery!

Important: JuiceDefender Plus and JuiceDefender Ultimate are just add ons, they won’t work unless the free version is installed on your handset first.

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